Please note that to become a member in the chat you must join the Pokemon Ultimate Brawlers website.

Breaking any of these rules will result in 2 Kicks, Then ban for 2 hours, Then ban for a day, Then ban forever.

Rule 1: Do Not Advertise without permission. Failure to follow this rule is subject to an immediate perma-ban.

Rule 2: Do Not Post links to inappropriate material such as pornography, blood and gore or any sort of discriminating material.

Rule 3: Respect each other in the chat. Bullying, Racism, Flaming, Pestering, Trolling, Sexism or Disrespecting will result in a kick, then a ban. Also Obey all Moderators/Owner.

Rule 4: No Spamming. This means no overusing smileys, repeatedly posting the same entry or constant unfinished sentences.

Rule 5: Please Do Not diss Pokemon. This chat is meant for Pokemon Fans only

Rule 6: Do not use excessive language

Rule 7: Do not ask to be Moderator or Owner. Fiero will decide who gets to be moderator or owner.

Rule 8: Please follow the Owners and Moderators rules. Do not tell them what to do or argue with their decisions.