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Insane Asylunm Rules:

1. Be respectful. 2. Be appropriate. No sexual pictures, names, etc. No swearing. 3. DOnt advertise. Whether it be a site or chat that belOngs to you, a friend, or anything else ..NO LINKS 4. DOnt impersOnate a DJ or OWNER 5. DOnt request TO BE MOD OR OWNER. 6. No begging for xats, days, or powers will not be tolerated. 7. Give staff respect. The staff here are volunteering their time to DJ and keep the chat drama free. If you have any issues please privately message owner/mod with it and they will handle it immediately . This ensures we can keep the chat for fun times 8. No drama/disruptiOn. Any form of disruptiOn or drama will not be tolerated. This rule is left up to mods/owners discretiOn.THE OWNERS RESERVE THE RIGHT TO BAN YOU FOR ANY LENGTH OF TIME FOR ANY REASON WITH NO CONTACT TO YOU.
24th Jul 2018 11:22 EST 1049989764-1
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