Chat Rules

1. No Cussing. Minor words will result in a kick - 2 kicks = ban. Words blocked by xat will result in an immediate ban. NEW: Linking pictures with cuss-words in it will result in a ban.

2. No Advertising of any form, such as private chatting other troops to join another army.

3. No Fighting. If failed to listen to warnings, you will be muted.

4. If somebody private chats you and tells you to join their army, tell an owner immediately!

5. When asked to, LOG ON CLUB PENGUIN, especially during Scheduled Events.

6. No Sexism, and other situations that could cause a fight.

7. Respect higher ranks and other troops, and make sure to follow orders.

8. No Inappropriate topics.

9. Don't ask for owner or a higher rank in the army, you will earn it by attending battles and recruiting.

10. Have fun!

DW Leaders:
Xxtoysoldier, Drake, Spi101, Perry, Freezie66