Chat rules
1. All users must follow the rules.
They apply to all elements on the chat room.

2. All languages are allowed.

3. Please be respectful.
Do not harass, discriminate, bully or offend users or groups.

4. Do not advertise third party sites or private groups.
Official chats, xat wiki links and xatproject sites are allowed.

5. Do not beg or ask for free stuff (xats, days, powers or IDs).

6. Do not ask for ranks, bans or kicks.
Report to the moderators if you see wrongdoings.

7. Do not disrupt the chat.
Drama is not allowed, any type of inappropriate behavior, provocative or disruptive will be moderated if deemed necessary by the staff.

8. Do not use a blank or empty name.
All users must contain a readable and visible name, 0ne letter or number is sufficient.

9. Do not spam.
You can repeat each character,smileys or symbol at a max of 3.

10. Do not flood the chat.
Over four continued messages by the same user will be considered flood.

11. Caps lock is not allowed.