The Awesome Rules.

Rule One: No annoying and/or bugging me (Sarah) and Lana (moochoochi/moochi/Lanaoochi)

Rule Two: Sarah is never wrong.

Rule Three: If Sarah is ever wrong, refer to Rule Two.

Rule Four: Lana rocks. If otherwise, please consult a psychiatrist, because it can't be otherwise.

Rule Five: You destroy the earth by being on this chat and not talking, so just keep that in mind.


Rule Seven: Sarah is in love with a last name, so don't give her the looks that say "You're nuts..." She already knows it.

Rule Eight: Sarah already knows that it's weird of her to talk about herself in the third person, so no need to give her the looks for that either.

Rule Nine: Blonde robots break down a lot, for your kind information.

Rule Ten: As a rule, Sarah likes Avril Lavigne =D

Rule Eleven: This rule is here just cause Sarah wanted to have more than fifteen rules. Fifteen is an awesome song.

Rule Twelve: TMBG seriously rule. If you don't like them or their music you're not welcome here.

Rule Thirteen: Yukabacera is awesome and you shall give all your hot drink cans to him.

Rule Fourteen: WINNERS DON'T USE DRUGS. - This message brought to you by the Director of the FBI.

Rule Fifteen: Elves suck and dwarfs rule. If you support elves or hate dwarfs, go away, Sarah won't talk to you.

Rule Sixteen: Boys are evil. Throw stuff at them.