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New York City

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Please put »SMR« in your name to show that you support our chat!



1. English Only or use the Translator. CAPS ARE ALLOWED!

2. Do not Advertise ANY Chat Sites, Polls or f0rums in main! photobucket / tinypic /youtube videos are fine.

3. NO SPAM or Flooding Chat! (Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages)
This includes endless lines of smilies and audies/sounds. No more than 4 smilies in your name!(please warn first with smiley rule)
Do NOT kick or ban unless you warn first.

4. Do not Flame others (personal atacks, fighting or name calling) or make racist comments. Do NOT complain about rank (Member,Mod,Owner)in main, Keep it to PC.

5. Do not be inappropriate, FBOMBS ARE ALOUD!.

6. Do not ask to be a higher rank then you are! (Moderator or Owner).

7. Do not ask f0r Mod or temp Mod if you have been a Mod. Guest any member bef0re you ban if they are a member.

DO NOT UN-BAN someone who is banned by another owner.

8. Do not beg/ask f0r xats/days/powers. (In main chat or PC)

Thanks and enjoy our site!!
~Main Owner~

MainOwner: Steven
Sub Owners:


If u want to be in the staff List Ask The Owners

Failure to recognize that these rules are set f0r a reason, will result in a kick/ban.