* Welcome to the Island Chat Zone! *
Webkinz Island is down for now. The Island Chat Zone is still here- the link to it is
We hope you have fun while WI is being fixed! Remember to tell everyone who may be confused about this place! Thank you for cooperating! We want as many members here as we can get! The more, the merrier! :)
* Rules! *
1. No scamming. Guests can only trade with Moderators or Owners. Members must send first to Moderators and Owners. No ripping people off- ask a Moderator or Owner is something is a fair trade. [ban forever until give items back, but remember you need proof]
2. Treat others the way you want to be treated- that means be nice. [depends on ban]
3. Be appropriate. That means, if a 6 year old comes on, they should feel safe and no cussing or gross topics should be going on. [ban for 6 hours or more]
4. No asking to be a Moderator or Owner. You will become one when WIT [Webkinz Island Team] thinks you are ready. You can improve your behaviour by following all rules, being active, and using good grammar. If you ask, you may NEVER become one!
5. No spamming. Spam stands for Short Pointless Annoying Message. That's like more than one smiley in a post- or lots of smileys in a row. Or just random letters- 23y2rtuw. No saying, "If you _____ say ____." That's considered spam as well. [Kick the first few times]
6. No giving links in the main chat unless they are to a .jpg, .png, or any other picture file. You are allowed to say "Click My House" as long as it's appropriate, and to a limit of once every 3 minutes. [kick]
7. No animated icons unless they are barely noticeable [ask a mod or owner if it's noticeable]. They hurt your eyes! [kick]
8. No asking for personal information. You are only allowed to ask for country, gender, first name, maybe state, and maybe age. That's all.
I think that's about it! HAVE FUN!
Please keep in mind you are allowed hosting games in the chat. :)
This is the music playlist. PC Kiara, the music "DJ", an appropriate song and she'll put it on.