Chatroom rules for XATERS
Please be aware that the following rules apply when on and off promotion.
No swearing.
While on promotion, we would appreciate it if you didn't cuss or swear at fellow users. It's rude and unnecessary
No Trolling.
Lets be honest, nobody likes a troll, nobody likes it when they are being made fun of for being lead on by someone. Anyone that attempts to troll the chat will be dealt with.
No Advertising.
Advertising chats is strictly not allowed. Acceptions include official / tribute chats. Linking YouTube videos, Imgur links and other image hosting services are allowed. Keep in mind, posting inappropriate images will result in a ban.
Be Appropriate.
As previously mentioned, inappropriate images will result in a ban and linking inappropriate content: such as violence and pornography is strictly forbidden. We also ask that you do NOT use inappropriate names or avatars, if so, you will be kicked until you remove the obstruction.'
Absolutely NO RACISM.
Racism is something that we will not tolerate! If you are seen making fun of, or stereo-typing a user for their race and / or skin colour, you will be issued with a forever ban.
No political discussions.
This usually wouldn't be a rule, however, more times than not, discussions that involve politics almost always end in arguments and / or drama.
No Trading
You are not allowed to sell: ID's, backgrounds, xats, days, powers or anything else. If you would like to sell powers, days or xats, visit the Trade chatroom. If you would like to sell backgrounds, visit the Graphics chatroom.
General Respect.
It is always nice to have general respect for fellow users. Staff members take time out of their day to moderate the chat. Everyone should respect everyone else equally.
No Impersonating people of significance
If you are seen impersonating someone who is well known as being important or significant in any way, you will be banned. Examples being: xat staff, xat volunteers, xaters website staff and also xaters chatroom staff. If you impersonate a fellow user on the chat, you will also be kicked until you change your name.
Please follow the xat Terms of Service.